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Officer cleared of gross misconduct

News   •   Apr 06, 2018 13:28 BST

A Metropolitan Police Service officer accused of using abusive language towards a member of the public has been cleared of gross misconduct.

PC Buffy Pearce, attached to the Central North Command Unit faced a public misconduct hearing that began on Tuesday, 3 April and concluded yesterday, Thursday, 5 April.

On an unknown date in 2012, PC Pearce was alleged to have used rude and abusive language to a member of the public before picking up his jumper and taking it away. When challenged by the man, it was alleged that PC Pearce told him she had thrown the jumper into a waste bin. Following which, the officer was said to have continued to use abusive language before threatening to arrest the man for a public order offence.

In addition, the officer faced a further allegation that she used rude and abusive language towards the man’s sister at the scene.

The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards received the complaint in 2015.

After hearing the evidence put before them, the panel agreed that there was not a clear picture of the event itself that extended to, even an uncertainty of the year in which the alleged incident was said to have taken place.

The panel concluded the allegations as not proven.