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Statement on results from Metropolitan Police Federation Taser and firearms survey

News   •   Feb 13, 2017 10:22 GMT

Commander Matt Twist, in charge of armed policing, said:

"The safety and security of our officers is really important to the Met, and the public of London who they put themselves in harms way to protect.

"Based on the threats officers face the number of who carry taser in the Met has increased over time. Every single officer who carries taser is fully and professionally trained to do so.

"This will be kept under constant review and if the risks our officers face can be mitigated by more officers carrying taser then of course that will be considered.

"We are mindful that for some, officers carrying taser can be an emotive subject and we must ensure that all key community stakeholders are consulted.

"The Met continues to be rightly proud of the tradition of being a predominately unarmed police service. The decision to carry a gun by any officer to protect the public and their unarmed colleagues brings a huge responsibility and they deserve our full support."