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Two men jailed for affray following a fight in Archway

News   •   Aug 18, 2017 12:27 BST

[Images: Tashan Atkinson and Samuel King]

Two men who brandished knives after they became involved in a fight with another group in Archway have been jailed.

Tashan Atkinson - 28 (25.07.89) of no fixed address but from the Islington area and Samuel King - 40 (08.06.77) of Pilgrims Way, N19 were both found guilty of affray and possession of an offensive weapon at Blackfriars Crown Court on Wednesday, 16 August.

They were both sentenced on the following day - Atkinson was jailed for 16 months while King was jailed for 12 months.

The court also heard that Atkinson was currently serving a 54-month jail sentence after being found guilty of conspiracy to rob a bookmakers in Holloway Road, N7. The incident happened on 12 September 2016 and Atkinson was convicted, on Thursday, 10 August, following a trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Both sentences will run consecutively.

On 9 January 2016, Atkinson and King had been out drinking and were walking along Junction Road, N19 shortly before 05:00hrs when they became involved in a dispute with another group of four males.

As the dispute escalated Atkinson and King both brandished knives - Atkinson attempted to stab one of the males but his blade broke. King aimed a kick at the group and blows were exchanged.

Police arrived on the scene and all parties fled.

CCTV analysis, along with forensic analysis of weapons and clothing recovered at the scene, identified Atkinson and King as suspects and enquiries were conducted to trace them.

Atkinson was arrested on 6 May 2016 while King was arrested on 16 September 2016. Both were charged.

The other males involved have not been traced.

Detective Constable Jose Lagares of the Central North Command Unit led the investigation. He said:

"Atkinson and King showed a complete disregard for the safety of others as they brandished knives as they became involved in a violent confrontation with another group.

"Despite their protests of innocence, the evidence against them was overwhelming leaving the jury no option but to find them guilty."