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Our BOOST Employee Wellbeing Programme’s Achievements in 2018!

Blog post   •   Jan 31, 2019 14:17 GMT

The BOOST employee wellbeing programme was launched in January 2018 following an evolution of our business’ wellbeing strategy

The BOOST employee well-being programme was launched in January 2018 following an evolution of our business’ well-being strategy. The programme focuses on physical health, mental health, exercise and nutrition under our four key pillars – Stay Well, Find Balance, Keep Active and Eat Better. Holistic and accessible by design, BOOST aims to empower the workforce to optimize their own health and well-being through education, health checks, fitness facilities, counselling services, apps and more!

The introduction of technology under our Stay Well pillar has been a huge success, we have seen annual health check numbers increase from 540 to a staggering 6500! Increased adoption of the BUPA BOOST app to track activity levels has enabled more personal and team activity based challenges. At a time of year when colleagues can sometimes be less motivated to exercise we invited colleagues to take up winter walking challenge week.

We all know that health starts in the kitchen, so our focus on nutrition seeks to help colleagues find balance. We held educations sessions and live talks about the relationship between eating and performance to great success. The previous well-being solution predominantly directed its efforts towards physical health, whereas we now have a holistic offering to include mental health and well-being. Colleagues sharing their own personal stories, greater access to resources such as Headspace and the introduction of our ‘Smash the Stigma’ mental health awareness education programme, are all helping us usher in a new era of openness around this important subject. We’re absolutely committed to raising the awareness of mental health and normalising the discourse around it. As part of this movement we have trained eight of our very own colleagues to become Smash the Stigma trainers.

Sponsorship of the BOOST programme by our Leadership team has been a key ingredient in its success to date, that said the real drivers of the programme are our dedicated network of BOOSTers who raise awareness and drive engagement across our sites. BOOST’s achievements were recognised both internally and externally last year; we were extremely honoured to win the prestigious IGD Employee Well being Award in October.

Despite the success, we’re not stopping! We will continue our journey to ensure that the BOOST programme grows and remains aligned to both evolving business and the needs of our people.