Press releases   •   Feb 12, 2020 10:00 GMT

Mr. Perswall launches the sequel to Captured Reality which was first launched in 2013. Captured Reality No 2 captures the beautiful world we live in. Brand new, beautiful, expressive surfaces are combined with visual artwork in a macro-micro perspective. The collection consists of 29 patterns across 40 wallpapers.


Press releases   •   Feb 20, 2019 07:00 GMT

Mr Perswall launches Imaginarium. A diverse kids collection of wonderful, stimulating and unique wallpapers which allow each child to express their own sense of style.


Press releases   •   Mar 26, 2018 07:00 BST

With wallpaper from the collection Traveller by Mr Perswall, you can enjoy far away destinations without leaving your home. Over its diverse, joyful themes and patterns, this collection adds vibrancy and colour to any room.

Maps - a new wallpaper collection with world maps from Mr Perswall

Press releases   •   Oct 17, 2017 10:16 BST

Mr Perswall is now launching its latest collection of seven world maps. The collection Maps gives you a chance to travel around the world while you stay at home. We live in a time of travel. Remember your last trip or dream away to distant countries!

Flowers & Aquarelle - a new wallpaper collection from Mr Perswall

Press releases   •   Jun 14, 2017 12:30 BST

With summer now arriving, Mr Perswall is launching the Flowers & Aquarelle wallpaper collection, a mini collection that conjures up thoughts of warm tropical summer evenings. A collection of delicate patterns where the common denominator is leaves and flowers spreading out over slightly hazy watercolour backgrounds for people who want to create a tranquil and harmonious feel when decorating.

Personalised walls with Mr Perswall’s new and exciting design collaborations

Press releases   •   Feb 22, 2017 12:00 GMT

​Mr Perswall, a company that specializes in digitally printed wallpaper with a wide variety of different designs and photos, is now launching three new and exciting wallpaper series. This is the result of an initiative to link up with promising contemporary designers. Common to all of the new collections is a love of nature’s small details.

New collection from Mr Perswall celebrates abstract urban art

Press releases   •   Sep 05, 2016 10:01 BST

Underground is a colourfully vibrant, visually challenging new collection from innovative Swedish wallpaper brand Mr Perswall. Created in collaboration with New York-based artist and visionary Derek Prospero, Underground features a raw, urban feel and strong abstract themes, allowing for the creation of eye-catching feature walls.

Mr Perswall launches inspiration magazine

Press releases   •   Mar 22, 2016 08:30 GMT

Mr Perswall, a company specialising in digitally printed design and photo wallpaper, is now taking an exciting new step. At the end of April the brand will launch a thick magazine containing around 400 wallpaper designs and room images to challenge conventional thinking and provide inspiration for personalised interiors.

Mr Perswall launches Shades “Smooth stories crafted with a soft touch”

Press releases   •   Aug 10, 2015 16:32 BST

Mr Perswall, the specialist in digitally printed design and photo wallpaper, is now launching Shades, a carefully crafted wallpaper collection featuring soft, subtle colors that spread a peaceful calm throughout a room.

Mr Perswall Launches Street Art - Unleashing the Urban Creativity!

Press releases   •   Feb 04, 2015 11:00 GMT

Mr Perswall, the specialist in digitally printed design and photo wallpapers, is now launching Street Art, a wallpaper Collection that reflects the human need for creative expression.

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Mr Perswall is a pioneer in the digital wallpaper industry and promotes the individual and personal expression. The company offers a wide range of innovative photos and patterns that are tailored to each customer's needs. The client also has the ability to create personal wallpapers.

Mr Perswall, which is a family business with roots in the wallpaper industry for three generations, is part of the Wall Vision Group, together with the brands Eco Wallpaper, Boråstapeter and Cole & Son.

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