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Adventure by Mr Perswall

Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2013 12:30 BST

What gets your heart pumping? What do you still dream of experiencing? The collection Adventure is for all of us who live for the adventure in any shape or form. Each wallpaper is designed to help you create a place for dreams in your home – to help you never forget the moment when life was at its peak, to remind you what is still out there to see.

In this collection, there is something for everyone who has challenged themselves and felt the adrenaline rush. Maybe you’re looking for a wallpaper that motivates you to go on the adventure of a lifetime, or maybe you’ll choose something which takes you back to a special experience that makes you smile.

Choose between extreme downhill skiing in Aspen, diving in exotic Indonesia or climbing to the top of a mountain. A must-have for all adventurers is a Bucket List – a to-do list of experiences you want to do in your life. Mr Perswall has its own list but also wants to help you update your list with your dreams and challenges.

So pack your bag and join Mr Perswall on an exciting adventure!

In collaboration with the launch of ADVENTURE, Mr Perswall has started a competition on Instagram – What’s Your Adventure? Compete for wallpapers, skateboards and an adventure!

Take photos of the adventures in your life, big or small, with the Instagram app using the hashtag #mrperswalladventure. For more information and to see all of the photos, visit The competition ends on 15 September 2013, when a panel of judges at Mr Perswall will pick three winners.

Mr Perswall är en pionjär inom den digitala tapetbranschen och främjar det individuella och
personliga uttrycket. Företaget erbjuder ett brett sortiment av innovativa foto- och designmönster som måttanpassas efter kundens behov. Kunden har även möjlighet att skapa personliga motiv. Mr Perswall, som är ett familjeföretag med rötter i tapetbranschen sedan tre generationer tillbaka, ingår i WallVision koncernen tillsammans med varumärkena Eco Wallpaper, Boråstapeter och Cole & Son.
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