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Personalised walls with Mr Perswall’s new and exciting design collaborations

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2017 12:00 GMT

From the left: By Malevik, Helene Ekblom, Smooth Life

Mr Perswall, a company that specializes in digitally printed wallpaper with a wide variety of different designs and photos, is now launching three new and exciting wallpaper series. This is the result of an initiative to link up with promising contemporary designers. Common to all of the new collections is a love of nature’s small details, which each designer has interpreted and brought out in their completely unique style.

“We’re seeing a real interest in unique, custom-designed, personal touches in the home. Our interiors, and what we put on our walls, are a way of showing who we are. Mr Perswall is now opening up to new and exciting collaborations, and our ambition is to draw attention to talented young designers and contemporary designs that are just right for our times,”says Charlotta Levin, Head of Design.

First to be released through this design initiative are: Helene Ekblom, Smooth Life and By Malevik.

Helene Ekblom – a dreamy garden

Since 2013 Helene Ekblom has run her own design studio, with a focus on pattern design. For Mr Perswall, she has produced an incredibly beautiful flowered wallpaper series consisting of five patterns that each evoke the feeling a lush garden.

“Taking my inspiration from nature has always been a given. I never cease to be amazed by the small leaves that make up an entire tree crown, or the beauty of it all – from the smallest forget-me-not to the most seductive peony” Ekblom explains.

With photographs as a base, Ekblom has used a dark background to enhance the unique qualities of each flower. The result is an exciting mix of dramatic contrasts between the darkness and the subtle delicacy of the flower petals.

“Photographing flowers and plants to use in my patterns is a technique that retains the plant’s fragility as well as its veins – which I wouldn’t actually be able to bring out using other techniques. You can almost smell the foliage just by looking at the pattern” says Ekblom.

Smooth Life – hand-drawn down to the smallest detail

Smooth Life is the name design duo Lena Melin and Liv Gisslandi go by. It represents an illustrative, graphic, fanciful and unique visual language. All patterns and illustrations the duo creates are hand-drawn from scratch. Their inspiration comes from animals, fantasy worlds and vegetation in nature.

“We work together by hand, in a joint process and on the same paper. We love colour and use a lot of watercolours,” says Gisslandi.

The series consists of five pieces of hand-drawn, incredibly intricate graphic motifs of jungles, animals and foliage, against a background of delicate pastel watercolours.

By Malevik – colourful and playful

Together with Anna Holmberg, the designer behind By Malevik, Mr Perswall is launching a playful wallpaper pattern in four colour schemes. These range from delicate pastels to a wonderfully bright version for those who want to let their walls take up a bit more space in the room. Holmberg draws her inspiration from South America’s jungles and rich, vibrant birdlife.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for animals of all kinds and have worked to combine photos and sketches to get the right depth and form,” says Holmberg.

By Malevik’s patterns gained considerable attention at Formex, the biggest interior design fair in the Nordics, which was held in Stockholm on 18–21 January this year. The lush foliage and fresh green colours of By Malevik’s patterns were spot on for the current design trend for greenery and plant-rich motifs.

These three wallpaper collections are now available to purchase from our wallpaper retailers around the world or via

For further information or samples of wallpapers for photographic purposes, please contact: Camilla Arpö, +46 (0) 70-7923176

Mr Perswall is a pioneer in the digital wallpaper industry and promotes the individual and personal expression. The company offers a wide range of innovative photos and patterns that are tailored to each customer's needs. The client also has the ability to create personal wallpapers.

Mr Perswall, which is a family business with roots in the wallpaper industry for three generations, is part of the Wall Vision Group, together with the brands Engblad & Co, Boråstapeter and Cole & Son.

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