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Dive into Indulgence with the newly branded Cadbury Layers of Joy Chocolate Trifle!

Press release   •   Jun 11, 2014 10:54 BST

Cadbury is set to transform its delicious Trifle dessert into new Layers of Joy, to better reflect the four delicious layers that make up Cadbury Layers of Joy Chocolate Trifle.

The delicious dessert comprises of fresh cream, melted Cadbury milk chocolate dessert, chocolate chip cookie and Cadbury milk chocolate mousse. The perfect indulgent treat!

Cadbury desserts are produced at Müller Minsterley, its chilled desserts facility near Shrewsbury, under licence from Cadbury.

Michael Inpong, Müller Marketing and R&D Director says:

 “Cadbury chilled desserts have a range to meet every consumer craving from a sweet fix to a dive into the indulgent with Cadbury Layers of Joy.

“The new range name ‘Layers of Joy’ and vibrant purple packaging will allow the brand to develop its presence in the layered desserts category and experiment with different flavour and texture combinations going forward.”

The refresh of Cadbury Chocolate Trifle desserts will inject excitement back into the layered desserts category and will help Cadbury maintain the top spot in chilled desserts. In the past year, the brand has sold over 120million[i] pots of its much loved desserts range, which equates to £57million[ii] in value sales.

Cadbury Layers of Joy Chocolate Trifle will be available in stores from the 16th June 2014 in packs of two with an RRP of £1.19.

[i] Nielsen MAT TY WE 26.04.14

[ii] Nielsen MAT TY WE 26.04.14

Müller UK & Ireland Group

Müller UK & Ireland Group is wholly owned by the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller. It has 19 sites nationwide and employs almost 6,000 people across four business units: Müller Dairy, Müller Wiseman Dairies, Müller Minsterley and TM Telford.

Based in Market Drayton, Müller Dairy is the UK's leading yogurt manufacturer, with major brands such as Müller Corner, Müllerlight and Müller Rice.

Müller Wiseman Dairies processes and delivers around 30% of the fresh milk consumed in Britain every day and is famous for its black & white cow-print branding. In December 2013, the business formally opened a major new state of the art butter-making plant in Shropshire, with the capacity to produce up to 45,000 tonnes of salted, unsalted and lactic butter each year.

Müller Minsterley is our facility near Shrewsbury at which chilled desserts including Cadbury Bubbles of Joy, Pots of Joy, Chocolate Trifle and Twin-pot products are produced under a license from Cadbury.

TM Telford is a state of the art yogurt production facility in Telford, Shropshire which is focused on the development of the company's presence in the UK private label yogurt market.

To make its range of dairy products, the company buys milk from more than 1,200 British dairy farmers, all of whom are Red Tractor Farm Assured.

Müller Wiseman Milk Group Dairy members elect a representative farmer board which works with the company to discuss milk supply issues, including the Group's commitment to maintain a competitive milk price and contractual position.