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  • Business Development Manager
  • 07713564261

I work in the customer success team, helping to onboard clients with training and website... Show more

  • Business Development Manager
  • Charity Sector Development
  • +44 207 645 2347
  • +44 771 142 3711
In charge of Charity Development within the Sales Team. Looking to build partnerships with charities of all sizes and improve their efficiencies in their PR processes.

Marketing Automation Executive working with the Mynewsdesk Global marketing team.

  • Press Contact
  • UK Sales Director
  • 020 7645 2351
Heading up the Business Development team, Mohammed Ali (not that one!) is our UK Sales Director.... Show more

Fabien joined Mynewsdesk in April 2014. He previously founded his own marketing consultancy, Altboost... Show more

  • Press Contact
  • UK Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing & Social Media
  • 07713564262
UK Marketing Manager Kate joined Mynewsdesk in March 2015 and spends most of her time working her... Show more

I work with in-house and agency clients to ensure they get the most out of collaborating with us. I love to strategise with... Show more

James is the UK Director at Mynewsdesk. Having been in the business for over five years, James has a wealth of experience in... Show more

Jonathan is responsible for global marketing, strategic partnerships and corporate development at Mynewsdesk. Jonathan has... Show more