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Mynewsdesk Working With Berghs Students for the UK Launch

News   •   Apr 29, 2011 08:19 BST

Having conquered the Nordic region and opened the gates to Asia, Mynewsdesk has now set its sights on the UK. The marketing campaign will be developed in collaboration with final-year students from the award-winning Berghs School of Communications.

Mynewsdesk has been at the forefront of new and bold communication solutions since its inception in 2003. When the company takes on the British market, it will be in collaboration with the communicators and public relations experts of the future: students at Berghs in Stockholm.

”Berghs has won the perstigious Future Lions School of the Year award two years in a row and their students are years ahead in terms of media development. They are hungry, innovative and willing to try the latest things, just like Mynewsdesk. It is, therefore, an obvious choice for us to work with students at Berghs,” says Charlotte Ulvros, Marketing Manager at Mynewsdesk.

The challenge is to develop the launch campaign for Mynewsdesk in the UK and Singapore, with particular emphasis on digital media.

”We have spent a year building up Mynewsdesk's market and laid the foundation for our global communication. Now we want the students to enhance this communication further. We have given them a free, creative hand to put together a digital campaign. The theme of the project is courage, which suits both Mynewsdesk and the students perfectly," says Charlotte Ulvros.

The project will be undertaken by seven students at Berghs School of Communications. This collaboration with Mynewsdesk has been made part of their graduation project.

”Mynewsdesk is a company at the forefront with excellent products and dedicated employees. We want to highlight this in a digital marketing campaign. Through this collaboration, we hope to contribute using our fresh eyes and new, creative solutions," said Louise Sallander, project manager.

The project team includes: Christine Anasthase, planner, Martina Carlsson, production manager, Anesa Dzamastagic, planner, Malin Ekelund, public relations manager, Hedvig Myhrman, creative/AD and Kim Ström, creative/copywriting.

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