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Why Rädda Barnen decorates its first Christmas tree at MyNewsdesk

News   •   Dec 17, 2010 13:30 GMT

Dear MyNewsdesk customers,

You are the reason why 60 passionate coworkers, including myself, go to work every day with a smile. It’s because of you that at the end of the work day, we leave our offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Malmö, Gothenburg, and Singapore with the notion that we’ve created something valuable for those that have used, spread, and shared the content you create on our website.

But invariably something happens towards the end of every year, during the time when we are winding down and closing the books. While we truly wish everyone in our network a relaxing and inspiring holiday season, we feel that we should do more, should mean more to more people.

MyNewsdesk has donated money to a charity every year, but never an actual Christmas present. We have always chosen organizations that aim to protect the environment or to help children in need. This year, making that choice was easier than ever before, when we decided on an organization that has really stood out in the media landscape.

Rädda Barnen (The Swedish branch of Save The Children) has succeeded in using PR to lift themselves above the rest. Apart from their core issues, they are also proponents of a specifically corporate matter, namely that companies should be given tax deductions for charity donations.

Therefore, for the second year in a row, companies can visit their campaign website and buy a physical Christmas gift instead of donating money directly – everything from bags of Christmas candy to fully decorated Christmas tree at guaranteed high prices!

This means that companies can support a cause without being burdened financially.

By buying a fully decorated 2.5m high tree at a premium price, and putting it up in our new landscape office, we want to inspire other companies to do similar acts. We have asked Rädda Barnen to use the money in their efforts to stop violence against children. This consists of helping child soldiers, who were forced to take up arms and go to war, and minimizing the risks encountered by the 8 million children that are institutionalized.

And so, I kindly ask you to use your network and your expertise within communication to support Rädda Barnen’s important work, and thank you again for being MyNewsdesk’s customers.

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at MyNewsdesk

Peter Ingman, CEO