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How to become ‘communication smart’

Blog post   •   Jan 10, 2017 11:50 GMT

How to become ‘communication smart’

How to become ‘communication smart’

To succeed these days, an organisation has to look, talk, think and work smart. This advice can be applied to all business processes, but it is particularly relevant to customer communications.

The way in which communications are handled represents the quality of products and services provided and, with consumers having more choice than ever about who they do business with, it’s imperative to get everything right.

Relevant and timely correspondence equals experience enhancing communications

More businesses are realising the benefits of adopting a smarter, multi-channel approach. This strategy takes a customer view of communications, ensuring that correspondence is relevant, timely and sent via the channel that best suits them to boost their experience. Whether via email, online, mobile or direct print mail, companies can ensure their communication campaigns aren’t falling on deaf ears.

In fact, according to the Printing Industries Alliance, a cross-media communications campaign will generate a 33 percent higher return on investment than a single channel one.

The internal benefits of multi-channel communications

Smart communication processes means more efficient and effective internal communications too. Interdepartmental queries are resolved more quickly and accurate data is collected and maintained.This ensures that information is always sent to the right individual, mitigating data regulations’ non-compliance fines and the cost of reissuing items.

Neopost can help you to become communication smart

Neopost has the expertise, products and services that empower you to deliver effective communications campaigns. Together with The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Royal Mail, we have created a smart multi-channel strategy guide, which includes best practice advice on how to implement a smart campaign and consistently enhance customer experience.

Download your free copy of the smart multi-channel communications guide here,

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