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Invoice Smart: discover how to make invoicing simple

Blog post   •   Aug 16, 2017 11:30 BST

Invoice Smart: discover how to make invoicing simple

Invoice Smart: discover how to make invoicing simple

Invoicing should be simple – you fulfil a task, cost it, document the information and then send – but it’s rarely that smooth. Every stage of the chain is susceptible to inefficiencies, particularly when completed with manual processes, causing a domino effect that drives up costs and elongates payment times. With a function so vital to cash flow and continued operations and growth, it’s imperative for firms to understand that there is a better way.

Invoice Smart is our way of empowering you to improve your billing processes. Providing step-by-step guidance, we can show you how to remove the inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure from invoicing by embracing digital tools and thinking. Companies that Invoice Smart can expect to benefit from loads of advantages, including:

1 Getting paid faster: accurate invoices are created and distributed automatically, meaning they get to recipients more quickly

2 Reduced costs: remove printing, postage and filling costs and reduce manpower requirements through automation

3 Peace of mind: systems show when an email has been received and opened to provide reassurance and cut down on the time required to track documents

4 Strengthened relationships: customers receive accurate documents in the format they want, vastly reducing the need to reissue

5 Digitalised records: invoices are stored and archived digitally, making them secure and easy to retrieve

If you think that your invoicing process could use some rejuvenating, why not try our free audit to see where you could enhance? Just visit

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