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Managing multi-channel communications to boost business growth

Blog post   •   Feb 26, 2016 09:36 GMT

As we enter a new year, it’s increasingly important that businesses understand the impact their business communications can have on their growth prospects. Communication tools essentially act as the eyes and ears of a business, helping them gain and share intelligence with existing and potential customers; something that is even more important for new or small companies hoping to increase their share of the market.

A common problem is that as businesses grow and their customer base expands, communications increase in volume and often become much more complex. This is particularly true when managing different communications across different channels. From physical post and fax, to email and social media, how customers and business partners want to be communicated with has steadily evolved over the last few decades. Furthermore, it’s likely that in 2016 the omni-channel – in which customers enjoy a single, unified experience across all channels – will also gain further momentum.

Managing different channels, ensuring communications are received and delivered seamlessly, while also tracked and archived in the most efficient fashion, is a big challenge. The most effective way of overcoming this challenge is to implement best-practice communications and document management solutions that help grow the bottom line. Neopost’s Output Management Solutions (OMS) make it much easier for businesses sending multiple documents across multiple channels. Not only do they help design and personalise invoices or marketing materials, but they schedule distribution across mail, email, SMS and the web, so that the right message is sent to the right person in the right format.

Ultimately, business growth today depends on engaging with customers on their terms. Document management tools ensure that this happens, while cost, space and waste is cut, response times are improved and processes are actioned faster. To find out more about our OMS solutions, visit here:

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