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40 years of the Postcode

Press Release   •   May 07, 2014 16:33 BST

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the postcode, Neopost are looking back at the history of the system and how businesses can do more to keep their data accurate.

With poor address hygiene affecting the development of SME’s of all sizes, Neopost’s latest blog focuses on helping businesses use the postcode’s birthday to improve the quality of their customer data.

Since the postcode became a formal part of the mailing system in 1974, it has gone on to become so much more than just a method for delivering letters. Now resembling a wider indicator of everyday life, today the postcode is used for everything from satellite navigation to analysing our very quality of life.

To help celebrate the postcode’s anniversary, Royal Mail commissioned the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) to conduct a study of UK life through the eye of the postcode. Revealing some surprising results, the research uncovered a number or fascinating statistics that can be found in the blog – who would have thought that London has the five healthiest postcode sectors in England?

But although a lot has changed since the postcode was first introduced in Norwich 40 years ago, the problems that businesses are facing are very much the same. In its new blog, Neopost look to advice businesses on the importance of accurate data and the benefits of improved mail deliverability.

From delayed payments to reduced customer satisfaction, the effects of incorrect postcodes and poor address hygiene can inflict a real impact on your businesses ROI. As one of the UK’s leading provider of mailing solutions, Neopost are ideally placed to help businesses understand these problems and work towards creating a more efficient mailroom.

Click here to read the full article, ‘Celebrating 40 years of the Postcode’ on the Neopost blog and discover the importance of the postcode and good address hygiene today. 

Neopost is the European Leader and the number two world-wide supplier of Mail Solutions, as well as an increasingly significant player in the area of Communication and Shipping Solutions. A specialist in mailroom equipment, Neopost offers the most technologically advanced solutions for franking, folding/inserting and addressing, in addition to a comprehensive range of services, including consultancy, maintenance and financing solutions. 

Neopost  is also gradually developing a portfolio of new activities with the aim of reinforcing its offering and the services provided for its clients in the areas of Client Communications Management, Data Quality and Logistics Solutions. 

With a direct presence in 30 countries and 6,100 employees, Neopost generated full-year sales of €1.1 billion in 2013.  Its products and services are sold in more than 90 countries. 

Neopost is listed in Compartment A of Euronext Paris and belongs notably to the SBF 120 index.  

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