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How To Improve Customer Communications: A new white paper from Neopost

Press Release   •   Mar 05, 2013 09:13 GMT

Romford, 5th March, 2013:  Neopost has produced a new white paper on customer communications. The third in its series on mailing efficiency, How To Improve Customer Communications explains how to maximise the effectiveness of postal communications on their own or as part of an integrated communications strategy alongside email, mobile messaging, fax, social networks and the telephone.

“Consumers and businesses still value mail as a reliable and secure method of communication,” comments Neopost Marketing Director Andy MacKenzie. “However, there is no question that people's expectations have been altered by the rise of digital alternatives. Today, customers demand quick responses and personalised content regardless of the communication method used. In this white paper we explain how organisations can make use of modern output management software and sophisticated mailing equipment to maximise the impact of hard copy mailings in a digital age.” 

How To Improve Customer Communications underlines the importance of good communications to business success and looks at some of the key attributes demanded by customers. These range from good design and informative content to personalisation and the ability of individuals to dictate how they should be contacted.

It explains why the need to accommodate people's preferences for electronic or physical mail makes it essential to develop an integrated communications strategy and implement software that lets you manage every aspect of customer communications, including document design, data management, scheduling, distribution and archiving, within a single system.

Equally important is the use of modern mailing equipment to streamline the creation and processing of physical mail. Automating the three main areas of mailing activity – preparing mail for despatch, sending mail and receiving mail – will help a business deliver the accuracy, reliability and speed of communications that customers expect. For businesses with integrated communication strategies, automation will eliminate bottlenecks in mail processing and help remove barriers between digital and paper-based communications.

“Businesses that rely on slow manual processes will find it impossible to deliver the integrated communications that customers desire and increase the likelihood of low productivity, inaccurate content, lost documents, undeliverable items and security failings. If a business doesn't send out invoices, final demands and other important documents on time or sends confidential information, such as financial statements or medical test results, to the wrong person, customer loyalty could be damaged,” explains Andy.

“Implementing the latest software and mailing equipment won't just improve the quality of external communications; using letter openers and document scanning to speed up the time it takes to open and distribute incoming mail will enable you to manage customer communications more efficiently and makes it more likely that customer service staff are able to resolve customer queries at the first time of asking.”

To download How To Improve Customer Communications and Neopost’s other white papers, How To Cut The Cost of Postal Communications and How To Improve Mailing Productivity, please visit


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