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Top Tips on how to lower mailing costs

Press Release   •   Jul 30, 2013 11:00 BST

Mail Preparation: The secret to lower mailing costs is to prepare mail properly to take advantage of the most economical rates and to eliminate the waste and expense of unnecessary mailings. Mailing solutions and machinery that can help you achieve this include:

Addressing Software:  Good quality data is a pre-requisite for efficient, economical postal communications. Use addressing software such as Neopost’s Bulk Mailer to ensure that all a addresses are complete, spelt correctly and comply with Royal Mail's database of Postal Address Files (PAF). Correct addressing will remove the expense of undeliverable mail and enable you to qualify for maximum discounts. Bulk Mailer can also be used to de-duplicate databases

Folder-inserters: These useful time-savers speed up mailings by automatically folding and inserting letters and supporting documents into envelopes and sealing them ready for postage at least 13 times faster than by hand. Cost savings come from lower mailing costs (if folding an A4 letter into a DL or C5 envelope) and from reduced labour costs. Our calculations show that a folder-inserter with a monthly rental of £20 could save a company that sends 3,000 items a month as much as £1,920 a year in labour costs, on the basis that it costs 6p per item to fold and insert letters manually (100 items per hour @ £6 per hour).

Envelope printers: High-speed envelope printers print addresses, return addresses and PPI marks (postage paid impressions) in a format that qualifies for postal discounts and remove the need to buy labels or pay for and keep a stock of over-printed envelopes. They can also be used to add personalised marketing messages in colour or black and white.

Output Management Software: Businesses can save time and costs by using output management software to streamline mailings. Maximise postal savings by batch printing and sorting print jobs; combine multiple letters to the same address in a single envelope; print barcodes and optical marks on letters for fully automated, customised workflows; and create templates to remove the expense of pre-printed forms and stationery.

Top Tips for Mail Preparation

• Fold A4 letters into DL or C5 envelopes to avoid paying more for a large letter.

• Automate time consuming tasks, such as folding, collating and inserting documents.

• Print directly onto envelopes instead of using labels.

• Combine mailings to the same individual in a single envelope.

• Aggregate postal volumes across departments to maximise postal discounts.

• Make sure your address databases are compliant with Royal Mail Postal Address Files (PAF) to cut waste and qualify for Royal Mail discounts.

• Where appropriate consider substituting post for electronic communications.

Find out more at – solutions available for all sizes of businesses. 

Neopost are a leading supplier of mailroom solutions in the UK and globally.

Direct presence in 19 countries
800,000 customers in 90 countries
5,500 employees
Listed on the Paris Euronext
Circa €1 billion global turnover
We are a reliable partner that designs, delivers and supports solutions. Our solutions make mail faster, cheaper and more efficient, so our clients can communicate more effectively, internally and externally.

Our intelligent software solutions improve deliverability and help manage the mail process from creation to delivery and receipt so it is easier to rationalise and control mail content and interface physical and electronic communications.

Our solutions deliver:

Cost Savings
Process Management
Effective Communications
From small businesses to large national accounts we work within both the private and public sectors, for any type of mail, volume and postal carrier.

Press contact is Claire Dodds at Neopost Limited

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