2014 Sees Wrap Around Smartphone Displays

News   •   Dec 03, 2013 07:10 GMT

This season we've saw a slight shift from the standard smart-phone touchscreens to new ones such as the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG H Flex devices. We can probably anticipate more devices as time goes by that'll be even more different and the Samsung Youm style to something we've for you personally to-day exhibits that.

The Youm name for Samsung’s versatile AMOLED displays first seemed long ago in 2012, and ever since then we've seen the organisation start the Galaxy Gear and get a patent for wrap-around displays which are tipped sometime next year to be released.

That advantage might observe points like the handsets volume controls or even the energy button and other controls utilised here. It remains to be seen that if consumers like the concept of flexible touchscreen displays and if such technology can be used within the not too distant future for handsets. 

It would appear that equally LG and Samsung are seeking to this for the near future as we see specs for as we go beyond the power of quad-core CPUs and Full-HD shows smartphones continuously advancing. 

What the Samsung Galaxy S5 is offering such engineering has one side of the display that's similar to current handsets, as the other side wraps around the whole device.