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40% of the smartphone market will be dominated by flexible phones, predicts LG

News   •   Dec 08, 2013 12:21 GMT

40% of the smartphone market will be dominated by flexible devices. This is according to Korean phone maker LG.

According to SlashGear, “Flexible smartphones will dominate 40-percent of the smartphone market by 2018, LG predicts, billing the LG G Flex with its curved 6-inch AMOLED display as the first of a new breed of handsets. “We got bored of flat” LG‘s Dr Ramchan Woo, head of mobile product planning, said of the motivation behind the G Flex, which takes the DNA of handsets like the G Pro and G2, but shapes the screen to better suit the curvature of your face and how your hands naturally hold “phablet” form-factors. Still, there’s more to a bendy phone than a flexible screen, as Dr Woo pointed out.”

Dr Woo said, “The plastic is really difficult to manipulate. We had to change our manufacturing facility, because it’s not just the display, it’s the batteries, etc. … it’s difficult. So it took, like, three years [to develop G Flex], but now it would be much shorter.”

The site added, “LG’s roadmap is ambitious. Curved devices, like the G Flex, are just the first stage: coming after will be bendable and then truly flexible, though Woo said LG’s display experts believe it’ll still be around a decade before fully flexible panels are production-ready. By 2015, the company believes, around 12-percent of smartphones will be curved or flexible in some way; by 2018, that number will rise to 40-percent, it expects.”

Dr Woo added, “This is the beginning of flex phones from LG. We will continue to surprise you with various devices.”

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