4G in the UK Will Mix Things Up

News   •   Oct 18, 2012 13:00 BST

Since Ofcom has announced that the 4G spectrum can go ahead with the Everything Everywhere brand of Orange and T-Mobile being allowed to sell the service first, we will see a huge change in the way that things work over the coming months. As December has been tipped as being the month when the 4G service rolls out we could see that more employers allow people to work from home, working on the move and in coffee shops, as well as being able to do ‘more’ stuff using their mobile phone than ever before.

The new service has the ability to allow up to 100MBps compared to the fairly dismal 17-23 for 3G at the moment, and even then it’s affected by the Tube, buildings and slight gusts of wind. Of course, 4G will have similar problems but you just know that when it’s working at full steam you’re going to be amazed. However, although people are champing at the bit to get 4G working on their phone many do not realise that their current smartphone won’t be able to handle it and won’t give the best results.

In order to get 4G properly on your smartphone you should have an LTE or 4G enabled device. At the moment they are thin on the ground with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, SG3 and iPhone 5 amongst a few others are the only ones. We’ve seen just how impressive the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been in terms of sales, with 5 million shifted every month, but there are new phones that are coming out with 4G it means that there will be more choice.

Despite the UK being able to run on HSPA+, which is meant to give speeds of 21mbps we really only get a tenth of that due to the infrastructure being so weak. Signal power, high rise buildings and an abundance of users means that we’re very lucky to see anything more than 3mbps. Compare that to Virgin’s 30+Mbps for their broadband we’re just not seeing figures like that on our phones. When 4G is implemented we should be able to download HD videos in an instant and stream live TV etc with ease.

Although the news is good that 4G is coming to the UK there are reports that thewhole of the UK won’t be able to access faster mobile broadband speeds until the end of next year. As London has been tested for it, there are great reports but there still is the problem of high rise buildings in the capital affecting the usage. Even still, we’re used to that now with 2.1MBps so anything more is a bonus.

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