4G LTE Finally Given Go Ahead in the UK

News   •   Aug 29, 2012 13:00 BST

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has announced that 4G will be allowed to be rolled out across the UK but only for Orange and T-Mobile customers. The news comes as the two firms who are going to be trading 4G systems under the Everything Everywhere slogan, will be able to trade from 11th September. As Orange and T-Mobile have the largest amount of subscribers at 27 million, the news comes as a shock surprise for those that cannot wait to get on the LTE bandwagon after dismal Internet speeds with 3G.

Although O2 and Vodafone are outraged at the news there is a glimmer of hope as the 3G spectrum (1800MHz) will have portions up for auction, which is Ofcom’s way of smoothing out any animosity and it means the other networks will be able to be more competitive when the time comes that they are allowed to use the 4G next generation technology. The auctions are set to happen in 2013 but Vodafone and O2 feel that the Everything Everywhere brand will be having an unfair advantage over others.

While it’s not great news for customers and the networks of O2 and Vodafone, it’s remarkable news for the UK as it means that LTE is finally available. Other countries around the world have had the technology for some time now and yet we’ve been stuck in the past with 3G – and not very good signal or speed either. There have been 4G trials in a small strip of London and the results have obviously been very good as that’s what Ofcom were waiting for to make their announcement on the technology. The chances are that the technology will take a few months before it’s rolled out across the board, but for iPhone 5 owners that will get their chance to buy one through a mobile phone contract comparison site will be able to use it as soon as it’s switched on.

At the moment, when the iPhone 5s are released the technology won’t be available but it will only be a few months before it will be turned on. As you can imagine Christmas deals on iPhone 5 handsets will be prevalent and that is great news for those that want to be the first to get on the 4G network.

As the speeds of 4G bring connections up to 100Mbps compared to the maximum of 24Mbps at the moment – if you’re lucky – then it will transform the way that we use our mobile phones, mobile broadband and wireless devices in the future for the better. Unfortunately for O2 and Vodafone customers, we simply don’t know when they will be allowed to use 4G but if you’re with T-Mobile or Orange, or you want to change and get a cheap mobile phone contract then you can compare the deals online and choose from the best handsets. If you’re waiting for iPhone 5 deals then your wait shouldn’t be too much longer as the end of September has been released as the launch date.