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A Closer Look At The Battery Life And Connectivty Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S3

News   •   Aug 20, 2012 11:35 BST

When reading about the latest mobile phone models, it is all too easy to focus on features like the screens, cameras and apps etc.  However, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 also impresses across all other areas of the spec list.  In this article, I will demonstrate this by looking at the battery and connectivity features of the Korean manufacturer's latest flagship Android smartphone.


As since the first smartphone models were released, these devices have always seemed to have an issue when it comes to battery life.  For the most part, this is understandable due to the fact that smartphones have to carry out ever more demanding tasks, yet manufacturers do not have the option to include a physically larger battery.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the more impressive smartphones in terms of its battery life.  This is especially true when you consider that the handset is capable of many resource demanding tasks like displaying HD movies or filming high definition video footage etc.  The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 2100mAh.  This figure may not mean much to many people, but when you put it into the perspective that it is 49% higher than that of the popular Apple iPhone 4S, it becomes all the more impressive.  With average use, which can include downloading the odd app, spending a couple of hours on the phone for browsing the internet over a 3G connection, you can still expect a full day's worth of usage without the battery running out.


Like many other smartphone models the Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts many different connectivity features.  These allow users to share various file types and connect with other devices.  Social networking is a large part of smartphone usage for many people, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is well equipped for this.  Its social networking integration allows you to instantly share photos and videos which you have captured on the handset's 8 mega pixel camera, to sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as dedicated sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube.  The standard Bluetooth connectivity is included along with Google Beam, which works in a similar fashion but allows a larger and more diverse array of files to be sent.  Additionally, the innovative NFC wireless payment technology is included, which allows users to make cashless payments when they have paired the phone with their Google Wallet details.  Users are also able to connect a range of different USB products to the handset, while further wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi and GPS.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is impressive in many respects.  While features like its screen and camera are widely reported, even features like its battery and connectivity features show just how versatile this device is.

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