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A Closer Look At The HTC One X And Its Impressive Camera

News   •   Jul 05, 2012 15:46 BST

The it comes to cameras, few smartphones are better equipped than the HTC One X.  This is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest flagship smartphone, and its most advanced Android device to date.  In this article, I will take a closer look at its credentials as a cameraphone.


The camera on the HTC One X operates at 8 mega pixels, just like the previous flagship, the HTC Sensation XE.  Superb quality images are guaranteed thanks to features like its 3264x 2448 pixel resolution, and its 28mm lens with F2.0 aperture.  The latter allows plenty of light to be captured by each pixel, so consistent brightness, clarity and colour rendering will be seen in all photos.  As part of the cameras software package, you will find everything you expect from a high calibre smartphone such as autofocus, touch focus, face & smile detection, image stabilisation and LED flash etc.  In addition to these features, there are also a couple of features not found on many other smartphones.


One of these unique features is the ability to capture photos and videos simultaneously.  This allows users to capture a video, and if they decide to take a still photo, the so not have to exit the video mode.  This is ideal for adding freeze-frame style shots to videos, as well as taking action shots, effectively pausing at the moment of your choice.


Also, there is a burst shot mode.  This provides users with the ability to capture up to eight consecutive photos after tapping the capture key just once.  This is also perfect for action shots, as it increases the chance of capturing the photo that you want, when the scene only presents itself for a short period of time.


The HTC One X can of course also capture video.  The handset comes with a number of resolution settings to suit your needs.  There are dedicated settings which are optimised for videos being sent via MMS or attached to an email, and for videos which will be uploaded to the internet onto sites like Facebook and YouTube.  There are some lower resolution settings included which allow users to save battery, all the way up to 720p and 1080p high definition resolutions.


The HTC One X is certainly well equipped for taking photos and capturing videos.  As an added bonus, it is very easy to use thanks to the camera interface being part of the HTC Sense UI.

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