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A Cool New Look For iOS 7 On The iPhone 5S

News   •   Jun 17, 2013 07:44 BST

Set to début later this year is the new iPhone 5S which is sure to be a hit with consumers across the world. This new device will not bring with it any major changes in terms of its design, but there will be some new features on offer and we will also see the inclusion of the new iOS7 operating system which has just been unveiled.

The popular iOS platform is updated every year by Apple, however the iOS7 is said to be the biggest overhaul since we first saw the platform introduced back in 2007. The renowned designer Sir Jony Ive is who was appointed the task of updating the package. We are use to seeing Ive in charge of hardware development, but on this occasion her has been given the task of redesigning the popular iOS in order for it to compete with the likes of Android. At first glance it is easy to see that the new interface for the iPhone 5S is very different from what we are use to seeing from Apple. The Homescreen icons have been given a new look that replaces the yellow symbols on both the Notes and iBooks icon and replaces them with a more modern and vibrant appearance. There are more varied background options that are more stylish than the old options we are use to seeing and the main font has also been updated.  discover more on iOS7 for the iPhone

The iOS7 software for the iPhone 5S also includes a host of new useful features as well as the new visual improvements and this is sure to make users very happy. What is considered to be perhaps one of the most significant of the new additions is the new iRadio service which has been incorporated with the hope that it will take on the likes of Spotify and other music streaming software. Users will have a massive selection of tracks that can be directly streamed to their device. Another new feature is the control panel which can be accessed simply by swiping upwards on the screen to reveal a number of new options and toggles including one for the music player, a new torchlight and also WiFi. The new iOS7 also incorporates the ability to share files with the new feature called Airdrop making it easy for the user to share files with other iOS users simply by dragging the content into a folder on the display.  iPhone 5S offer comparisons here

The new iOS7 is the first major overhaul that we have seen for the popular operating system and we expect it to attract many consumers to the new iPhone 5S when it hits our selves in September.