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A High Percentage Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Are To Existing iPhone Users

News   •   Jun 11, 2013 19:38 BST

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has quickly become the fastest selling Android smartphone of all time after selling 10 million units in its first month of release.  Some interesting facts about this new handset have just been released that show that a large number of iPhone users have jumped ship and purchased the latest flagship model from Samsung.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 was always destined to be a popular handset thanks to the excellent reputation of its predecessor and the wonderful specification that the model offers.  In the UK the Carphone Warehouse, a leading phone retailer, has stated that the S4 has not only become a hit with traditional Android consumers but a large number of consumers running an iOS device have also opted to switch allegiance and opt for the new model.  The number is surprisingly high with estimates stating that 30 per cent of S4 customers were previously using an iPhone.  Claire Winstanley is the Customer Solutions Group Director at the Carphone Warehouse and she issued a statement reading "We’ve seen phenomenal demand for the Samsung Galaxy S4 since its launch in April. Customers are demanding a wider choice of handsets from manufacturers and Carphone Warehouse stats show that 30 per cent of our S4 sales were from customers moving from an iPhone to an S4".  The new will come as a bitter blow for Apple.  The company are trying to increase their market share having seen Samsung sale into a sizeable lead over the past two years.  

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has really impressed in terms of sales since its release.  In its first month of release over 10 million units were shipped which led to many industry analysts predicting that the model would break the 80 million barrier before the end of 2013.  Over the past couple of weeks however demanded has dropped off slightly but predictions still state that 60 million handset will be sold this year.  The model has also attracted a high level of customer satisfaction with a massive 90 per cent of users stating that they would be happy to recommend the device to family and friends.  Apple look set to hit back later this year when they release the iPhone 5S complete with the iOS7 operating system which we have had a sneak peek at this week at Apple's WWDC event.  Visit our website for the best Galaxy S4 offers

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is on course to become one of the most popular smartphones of all time and a large number of iPhone users are to thank for the impressive sales of this new flagship device.