A journey for Sweden

News   •   Feb 12, 2010 14:48 GMT

The first training sessions of the guides for the Swedish pavilion at world exhibition are finalized. Two days of intense work in Shanghai and in Stockholm will serve as the foundation for a Sweden know-how that will meet an audience of over 15 000 visitors per day during a period of 6 months.

The training has been a journey through Sweden as a nation, as well as a journey in time and space. The education is based on substantial knowledge on both Sweden and China and on how we build relations based on our values in communication with the surrounding world.

Lecturers from Swedish authorities, business society, organizations and China connoisseurs along with the Swedish Committee for Expo 2010 have jointly and in discussion with one another and the guides, elucidated Sweden´s participation at the world exposition, this time as well as in the past.

When asked – Do you feel ready for this? Eric Osterman, one of the selected guides’s answered:

-          It feels incredibly exciting, I´m sure this assignment will lead to life long memories. There are still some things that are not clear to me for instance what our tasks will be exactly and housing, but this will work out shortly.

The last and final training will take place in Shanghai, in the pavilion. Once there, focus will be on practical implements and application of previous session knowledge. Hopefully the training will inspire all to become ambassadors for the small country with the large ideas.

Pictures Stockholm: Paul Philip Abrigo, soon to become a guide at the Swedish pavilion.

More pictures at flickr.