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A Look At On Demand TV Apps For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 22:53 BST

The Apple iPhone 4S is already well known for its comprehensive multimedia functionality.  However, this can be added to further thanks to a number of TV catch-up applications which are available for the device from the AppStore.  In this article I will take a closer look at the benefits of these applications.


In the UK there are five main terrestrial television channels.  These are BBC1 and BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and all of these include most Freeview channels as well.  All of these now have their own dedicated catch-up services which are found online.  The main benefit of these services is that you can watch TV shows and films that you may have missed, at a time which is convenient to you.  It allows you to catch up on a series that you are following, as well as providing the means to watch a programme that you have missed if you are busy when a repeat is due to be shown on TV.  The two BBC channels have a service called iPlayer, ITV has ITV Player, Channel4 has 4OD and Channel 5 has Demand5.  All of these work in a similar way, with most shows generally being available within a couple of hours after they have been aired on TV.  Now, users of the iPhone 4S and other smartphones can take advantage of these catch-up services thanks to apps available from the AppStore.


Once you have installed the app onto your phone, all that's required is an internet connection, and in some cases a free account is required if you intend to watch programs which have an age restriction. A 3G connection will suffice and provides more than fast enough download speeds.  However, in some cases data charges will be incurred, for example if you have exceeded your monthly data allowance.  Therefore Wi-Fi makes the best choice as this is much faster, uses less battery and has no download limits.


Most of these services will have programmes listed on them for a number of weeks after they have originally been aired, and in some cases programmes will remain on the sites indefinitely.


The iPhone 4S is a great phone to use in conjunction with these TV catch-up services ,thanks to features like its high resolution retina display which makes viewing videos all the more enjoyable.


All of the apps mentioned in this article are free to download from the AppStore.

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