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A Look At Productivity Apps On The Samsung Galaxy S3

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 09:46 BST

With smartphones now being required to carry out more tasks than ever, these devices are now better equipped than ever.  While many handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are capable of browsing the web, taking photos and videos, playing games and watching movies, they are still great for productivity tasks.  In this article I will take a look at some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that help users increase productivity and stay on top of their schedules and workplace.


Like several other Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a package of Microsoft Office features.  This allow users to create and edit documents in popular formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  The Microsoft Office software is well known and used on millions of users to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations respectively.  Because the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8 inch touchscreen, editing documents like spreadsheets is much easier than it is on a phone with a smaller screen.  Additionally, the large screen also comes in handy when using the onscreen QWERTY keyboard to input formulas, text and numbers into cells on a spreadsheet or other documents.


For many people who use their smartphone for productivity tasks, storage is an important factor.  While the Galaxy S3 comes with generous levels of internal storage and microSD slot, most people prefer to use this for their own apps, music files and contacts etc.  Thanks to a pre-installed Dropbox app, users are able to take advantage of this cloud storage service whereby they can create documents on their phone and edit them on other devices and vice versa.  For example, you can create a spreadsheet on your computer in the office, but on the way to a meeting you need to make a change.  You can edit it on your Samsung Galaxy S3 as it will be accessible using the Dropbox app.  This is the ideal app for those who use a number of different devices, as it allows you to access them on any of them as well as make changes.  With 50GB of storage included on this app for free, users can potentially store thousands of different files, all available instantly on any other compatible phones, computers and tablets which allow you to access your Dropbox account.


Like the Siri app on the ever popular iPhone 4S by Apple, the Galaxy S3 comes with an app called S-Voice which allows you to carry out a number of different tasks using voice commands.  Therefore, you can dictate text onto emails or word documents, which is of course much faster than manually typing, as well as create appointments in your calendar and diary applications.


The Samsung Galaxy S3, being an Android smartphone of course offers access to the Google Play Store.  Here you will find an entire section dedicated to productivity apps, of which thousands are available, all of which offer unique advantages to a number of different users.


Thanks to it’s built in features as well as those available from the Google Play Store, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great example of how smartphones can be used to make life easier in the workplace.

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