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A Look At The Awesome HTC Watch App On The HTC One X

News   •   May 01, 2012 19:54 BST

You can enjoy full length movies on your HTC One X and HTC One S by either renting them or downloading them from the HTC Watch app. This app comes pre-installed on the phone and allows you to browse a large catalogue of titles, which you can then watch on the large, high resolution screen.


To use the app, select it from the all apps menu which is found at the bottom of the screen as part of the new Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ update. There are four shortcuts at the bottom of the apps interface. The first is the ‘Downloaded’ section where you can view all the movies which you have already downloaded and are ready to watch. The second option is ‘All Videos’ where you can again view downloaded movies along with those captured using the 8 megapixel camera. The third option at the bottom of the interface is ‘Progress’ where you can view the progress of movies which are currently downloading. Finally, there is the ‘Video Store’ option, which is where you browse through the available titles. To find what you are looking for it could not be simpler. There are several categories through which you can browse titles. There are recommended and featured videos, where you can view popular titles, along with other categories such as top 10 lists, genres and TV shows etc. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for.


When you have found a title you wish to download, you have the option to buy it, whereby you will own a copy of the video which can be permanently stored on your phone or transferred to a computer or other device. You also have the option to rent titles. This is a cheaper option, but the movie will only be stored on your device for a limited time or until you have finished watching it. There is a category called ‘£0.49 Cheap Laughs’ which is a list of comedy titles including such blockbusters as ‘The Hangover Part 2’ which can be rented for just 49 pence.


There are many film rental and streaming services available these days, so where does the HTC Watch app fit in? I think it is ideal for when you are travelling. If you have a long flight or train journey, simply download the titles you want to watch by either buying or renting them, and they will then be stored on your phone. You can then watch them on your journey using a headset to enjoy quality sound provided by integrated Beats Audio, an impressive attribute of the HTC One X, and immerse yourself in the 4.7 inch HD screen. This is just one example of when this app may be handy, as you have the movie stored ready to go on the phone, with no need for streaming which can incur expensive data charges if you do not have Wi-Fi access.


The HTC One X is the perfect device to take advantage of such services as the HTC Watch app, thanks to its quality screen and great sound quality provided by Beats. Now you can add full length movies to the long list of functions which your smartphone is capable of performing.

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