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A Look At The Versatility Of The Apple iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 27, 2012 09:33 BST

In the previous instalment of this article, I took a look at few of the features that you can use the iPhone 4S for.  It is clearly a very versatile smartphone, and in this article I will continue to explore some more uses for this most popular of smartphones.


Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication these days, and naturally this task can now be carried out on smartphones.  The iPhone 4S is a perfect example of this.  It has a native email app which can be synced with most major email services, and allows you to read, write and send emails wherever you are.  Additionally, most email services also have standalone apps available for download from the AppStore, with popular titles including Gmail and Yahoo! email.


Most smartphones, including the iPhone 4S, have built in GPS functionality.  This uses satellites to pinpoint your exact location, and can be used for all manner of tasks.  In conjunction with the pre-installed Google maps application, you can explore your local surroundings, and it will provide directions to the location you specify.  When you open the AppStore, you will also find that there are numerous apps which can be used in conjunction with GPS.  These range from the apps which replace the need for a standalone SatNav unit (so can potentially save you a lot of money) to those which can track your bike rides and runs, displaying data such as distance, time and average speed etc.


Gaming is becoming increasingly popular use for smartphones.  Because the Apple iPhone 4S comes with a high resolution retina display and powerful dual-core processor, excellent graphics can be displayed when playing games.  The AppStore has a dedicated games section where you can find all manner of games from simple strategy based titles like the extremely popular Angry Birds to premium titles that you may recognise from their console based counterparts such as Need For Speed and call of duty.  Most games are operated using the touch screen, however some can also be used in conjunction with the handset’s built in accelerometer sensor.  An example of this would be tilting the phone to steer the car in a game.


As you can see, the iPhone 4S is extremely versatile. With the release of its successor, the iPhone 5, scheduled for later this year, we can expect the versatility of iPhones to increase even further.

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