A look into dial a phone’s history and services

News   •   Jul 08, 2012 13:00 BST

Dial a phone is one of the biggest online mobile phone providers in the UK. The company is partnered with some of the leading phone networks such as T-Mobile, Orange, and Vodafone. It was founded in February 1995 and started as a direct marketer and supplier of mobile phones and accessories. It was only recently iin the year 2000 when the company engaged in e-commerce, and was acquired by Phones 4u in 2008. To this date, dial a phone has been hosting and selling some of the world’s leading mobile phone brands like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, among many others.

For more almost two decades, the company has been dedicated to deliver efficient and quality mobile phone services across the world. Buying gadgets online may accompany some risks that may not satisfy a client, so dial a phone sees to it that every product they ship is addressed to the right person. The company actually started from humble beginnings in the UK.  When it was founded in 1995 by Beck and Frank, the capital was borrowed from Beck’s father. There were only enough resources to fund telephone line and sound recording equipment, forcing the company to carry out transactions without any modern tracking software. With Beck’s expertise in the business, he organized a system of trays and runners to file and trace orders during those times.

It was in the late 90’s when dial a phone experienced growth in a burgeoning market. This attracted the attention of numerous investors that enabled them to close a deal with Barclays Private Equity in 1999. The deal has taken a majority share in the company in return for investment, enabling the company to expand into the e-commerce industry. This significant event helped dial a phone to gain national recognition among its clients in the UK, and then the worldwide market. A few years after, the company decided to restructure its organization to acquire people who can bring in significant changes and growth to the company. This made the company to be recognized as the third largest contract connector in the UK. Dial a phone also became one of the largest online mobile phone retailers in the country.

To this date, the company offers great mobile phone deals, contracts, and other electronic gadgets online. Dial a phone has become even more well-known in the mobile phone services arena because of their service excellence and positive reviews by majority of their clients. Most of the reviews say that they have not encountered any problem with dial a phone. They deliver the goods on time and dedicated to keep the clients on track regarding their orders. Most customers say that they are extremely happy with the service dial a phone provides to them. The company sees to it that before any transaction happens, a confirmation and acceptance of the order should take place first. And this is done by sending every client an email saying that dial a phone received their requests and would be happy to serve them. Indeed, this goes to show how committed dial a phone to service excellence.