Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency and Complexity

News   •   Jul 08, 2018 20:52 BST

Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency and Complexity

Speaker: Alec Sharp
17-19 October 2018, London

After gaining some practical experience, data modellers encounter situations such as the enforcement of complex business rules, handling recurring patterns, dealing with existing databases or packaged applications, and other issues not covered in introductory data modelling classes.This intense, participative workshop provides approaches for many advanced data modelling situations, as well as techniques for improving communication between data modellers, business analysts, designer/developers, and subject matter experts.

There are experienced data modellers out there who somehow develop accurate and stable models that are actually used, often in non-typical or high-pressure situations. They get the job done without wasted effort, maintain the involvement and respect of the subject matter experts, and – worst of all! – make it look easy. Others modellers might have great technical skills, but fare poorly, maintaining tense relationships with content experts and developers who “just don’t get it,” and watching in dismay as their models are continually undone by “new” requirements.

What accounts for the difference? Magic? Luck? Better tools? No – it’s having a concrete set of frameworks, methods, techniques, scripts, heuristics, and other tools that they draw on to keep the process moving, with everyone engaged, even when complex, difficult situations are encountered.And that’s what we’ll cover in this full, but fun, three-day workshop – specific, repeatable techniques that you can use to drive your data modelling skills to the next level.

Three main themes will be explored:

  • The technical side of data modelling – getting better at modelling difficult, complex situations
  • Developing and using data models in new ways, and in conjunction with other techniques
  • The human side of data modelling – improving processes and communication skills
  • Topics will be covered with a discussion of the issue, a review of techniques, guidelines and examples, a brief workshop exercise, and a group solution and debriefing. The emphasis is on maximizing the delivery of content while keeping everyone engaged – the workshop has recently been extensively redesigned to focus on the topics that data modelling professionals have continually rated as the most concrete and useful.