Advantages of PAYG Mobile Phone Compared to Contract Phones

News   •   Aug 04, 2012 07:00 BST

With mobile phones becoming more and more of a necessity, it comes as no surprise that mobile service subscription plans have gone up when it comes to monthly subscriptions. So, if you do not have budget for a monthly fee, what would you do? You go for PAYG SIM cards.

PAYG SIM cards or Pay As You Go mobiles allow a person to pay only for the services he or she would need. For some providers, this is also known as a month-to-month contract. For most, however, the PAYG phones are actually prepaid phone lines. As the name implies, you only get to pay for your exact usage.

With pay as you go phones, you would be able to do all the other things that can be done in a contract phone, provided you have enough credit on your account. In most cases, you even get to choose what type of phone you like. Some of the network service providers that offer PAYG SIM cards include Vodafone, T Mobile, Orange, Three, and O2. What happens in PAYG SIM cards is that you pay in advance whatever service you would like to take advantage of. Because of this set-up, pay as you go phones packages allow subscribers to effectively budget their usage. This flexibility is what differentiates pay as you go phones from contract phones.

For most people, PAYG SIM cards might not be that tempting an offer as you basically would not have a way to call or text someone if you happen to run out of credit. One up side, however, to pay as you go mobiles is the fact that you can change network service providers easily without having to worry about pre-termination fees. Not only that, there is also a growing move in the PAYG SIM cards department for freebies designed specifically for subscribers of pay as you go mobiles.

There are a number of online shops that you can visit if you are intent on getting PAYG SIM cards. In most cases, these sites would also allow you to top-up your account should you need additional credits or minutes for a call. That said being said, it would seem that pay as you go mobiles are perfectly suited for students, teenagers, and anyone who is on a budget.

What to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Pay As You Go Phones

If it is your first time to have a mobile phone, consider using first PAYG SIM cards. That way, you would have an idea on what your monthly consumption is. It would also give you an idea which network service provider works best in your area and suits your needs. If you have the money for it, purchase a separate device albeit a cheap one. You can use this later on should you decide to go for a subscription plan. In the same line, should you get a contract that would provide you with a free device, you need not worry much about having spent money on a unit that you cannot use.