Agile Requirements: Collaborating to Define and Confirm Needs

News   •   Dec 24, 2013 14:33 GMT

Agile Requirements:  Collaborating to Define and Confirm Needs

Ellen Gottesdiener

8-10 April 2014, London

This seminar and workshop teaches you how to discover and continually refine a healthy product backlog to deliver high value products. You learn effective, efficient, and creative ways for stakeholders to converse as “product partners”, gain an appreciation of the content and the timing of requirements analysis in agile projects, and why it’s crucial for the entire project community to collaborate throughout each delivery cycle.

  • Understand the agile framework and how it differs from traditional development

  • Describe key concepts foundational to rapidly discovering product needs (requirements)

  • Analyse product needs using the 7 Product Dimensions, requirements analysis models, and examples to holistically discover and allocate requirements to plans

  • Assemble high value product options into cohesive stories using an explore-then-evaluate pattern

  • Confirm stories with scenarios and acceptance tests

  • Describe the value of using analysis models to explore, evaluate, confirm and allocate product needs

  • Allocate product needs to planning views

  • Explain key principles and practices of agile requirements analysis and how to transition to agile analysis practices

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