Almost Time for 4G in the UK, And a Surprise!

News   •   Oct 10, 2012 07:00 BST

Since the US and other countries have been basking in the super-speeds of LTE, here in the UK we have been stuck with the antiquicated 3G services. However, there is good news that 4G is just around the corner. Experts suggest that it will be December or January when the first 4G networks release the much faster broadband. What’s more, there is an even better piece of news because the UK could even get 5G soon too as it will run on the same spectrum as 4G – beat that America!

As we never want to lag behind the US and other countries, instead of just catching up we’re going to go one better and release 5G mobile broadband. This will mean you can be on a bus or in the car as a passenger and download films in seconds. It also means that as we have smartphones with two or four core processors that we can do multiple things at the same time. With faster speeds and more space, as well as online storage such as iCloud, you can literally have your home PC’s worth of files, images and videos at hand in your smartphone.

As mobile data and usage increases hugely and by 2015 we’re expected to almost only use smartphones instead of laptops and PCs, the news that broadband will be 100+ times faster than what we have now is incredible news. There is a £35m research centre in Surrey that is dubbed as the 5G centre which will look at the viability and expense that 5G will cost. With Ofcom backing 4G so encouragingly the news that 5G being developed and implemented cannot be far away.

The urgent introduction of 4G and subsequent 5G will give smartphone owners the chance to really utilise their phones rather than want to throw them from being so slow. Losing connection, huge download speeds and lacklustre performances will be a thing of the past by January and hopefully late next year it will be all but forgotten about. Remember in the late 90s when phones were huge, you have credit card sized SIM cards and only space for 10 SMS messages? Well, you may scoff at that now but what we have now is soon going to change and in a few years we will laugh at today’s technology.

With the 5G centre being built and 4G on its way, it’s a good time to look at the new smartphones that have this technology and can comfortably deal with it. Only a handful of smartphones have the technology to handle 4G, which are the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X. While there may be more on the way, why not check out the latest cheap mobile phone contracts and see what iPhone 5 deals you can get? If you’re an Android lover then check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals or the HTC One X deals. You can see them on Mobile Phone Checker.