Always Compare Phone Contracts For the Best Deals

News   •   Aug 09, 2012 07:00 BST

In the past mobile phone subscriptions are all about the number of calls one can make and how many text messages one can send. Today, however, such is no longer the case.

The mobile phone of today is more than just a gadget for calling or sending SMS to someone. It has grown technologically enough to allow people to download the latest songs, watch movies, and even take and share pictures. Because of this, mobile phone line subscriptions have also changed.

What To Consider When You Do A Phone Contract Comparison

Typically, mobile phone contracts could either be on a month-to-month term or on a two-year term. Although the former allows you to get out of your subscription without having to worry about pre-termination fees, the latter usually gives you access to a number of freebies and discounts, especially once you renew your contract.

The amount of time you spend on your phone can help you decide when you make a phone contract comparison. Some subscriptions would allow you more minutes that other packages. Before you get excited however, check what is covered by the free minutes that you would be getting. Keep in mind that some service providers would allow you to use your free minutes only for calls within the same area or within the same network.

One other thing that you should pay attention to when doing a phone contract comparison is the cancellation, or pre-termination, fees. In some cases, mobile phone line subscription providers require an extended commitment of more than one year; otherwise, you might have to pay huge penalties. In the same line, you should also check in your phone contract comparison which mobile phone services provider charges the lowest fees when you upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Check out the roaming charges associated with each phone contract. Keep in mind that, although some providers have a low overall rate, they might have a clause that charges you a higher rate when you make a call outside of a specific area. This can pose quite a problem especially if you like making a number of outgoing calls while abroad.

Lastly, check out what kind of phones each plan in the phone contract comparison actually fits your lifestyle. Do you like taking pictures often? Then go for a subscription plan that could give you a phone with camera.

A nifty piece of advice: if you are about to renew your mobile phone contract, take advantage of your negotiating power. Since most mobile phone providers would hate to lose clients who have been with them for quite some time, you are now in a position where you can get them to cut down your tariff. Of course, at this point, you should have already done your phone contract comparison so that you would have additional leverage. At Mobile Phone Checker, we have the best contracts and PAYG SIMs available in the UK right now so you can save money and get the best contract deal that suits your needs.