Amazon Set to Demolish the Smartphone and Tablet PC Market

News   •   Jul 20, 2012 07:00 BST

Amazon, the world’s largest e-retailer, is set to throw a spanner in the works with smartphone makers and continue to rock the tablet PC world with no less than five new gadgets coming out soon. There will be one smartphone and four tablet PCs, obviously showing the popularity of larger-based handheld PCs, to most-likely hit the virtual shelves later this year.

Despite Apple, Samsung and the other popular smartphone makers shifting more than 400 million phones during the first quarter of the year, Amazon has tapped up Foxconn (the same factory that makes both Galaxys and iPhones) to produce a smartphone . Not only that, Amazon are throwing four more table PCs into the mix with their differently-sized Kindle Fires. This month sees the new Kindle Fire for sale in Amazon, called the Kindle Fire 2 which will be 7-inches in size as will two others, while the last tablet will be a larger 8.9” handheld PC that will be on sale in August.

It’s a fast move for the company but as sales are going through the roof for the last Kindle Fire, mainly due to its £120 list price, it’s no wonder the firm are trying to cash in on slightly different versions. This price-bracket is ideal for those on a budget and those gadget-lovers that want yet another electronic gizmo to play with. Thanks to Apple and Samsung offering £350+ units it’s a gap in the market that others simply aren’t filling.

As smartphones and tablet technology is getting better and better, the Kindle Fire needs to have upgrades too. Just as iPhone 5 deals are being talked about so much, the cheaper alternatives of the Kindle Fire 2 is bound to make people’s ears prick up and think again. Unfortunately, we still haven’t heard of the iPhone 5 release date but it has to be at the end of the year, if only to cash in on the festive-rush for electronics and gadget buyers.

There are talks of the mini-iPad coming out at the same time as the iPhone 5, which is great news for Apple as the iPad is incredibly popular especially with the latest Retina Display, funky graphics and huge-spec processor as well as more RAM to power the Starship Enterprise. As Amazon reckons that the tablet market will reach somewhere close to 254 million in the next 5 years from its 70 million today, it seems Apple cannot discount the iPad, nor can Samsung slow the technological advances on the Galaxy Tab, Note or Nexus.

For those in the process of thinking of which smartphone or tablet PC to buy next, take a look around and see what technology is at its peak and see which models are coming out next that will take the filtering down of that said technology. iPhone 5, iPad minis and the new Amazon Kindle Fires will be the boundary-pushing units for this year, however, the Samsung Galaxy SIII shouldn’t be discounted just yet.