An affair to remember Cinema and Fashion

News   •   Oct 30, 2010 13:19 BST

Cinema is something which has always fascinated people as much as designer clothes. So it was very natural for the two fields to collaborate. The first name has to be Katherine Hepburn, who was the epitome for old Hollywood glamour.

The styling in “Bringing up Baby” can be best described as glamorous and elegant– very Old Hollywood. Every outfit had some kind of interesting detail, whether it was a bold sash, a ruffled collar or an oversized bow. The film even incorporated some menswear-inspired outfits that Ms. Hepburn was famous for wearing. The outfits still inspire brands like “Urban Outfitters”, “Forever 21” & “Nordstrom”.

The influence of cinema in fashion can never be complete without the mention of Grace Kelly. Out of all of her movies, it is difficult to choose which one inspired fashion more than others.

Grace Kelly’s style in Rear Window captures the classic look of the 1950s. Her outfits are elegant, demure and tailored. The film is full of long skirts, luxurious fabrics and interesting necklines. Also, her character is never without the ultimate piece of classy jewelry: pearls.

The 90’s saw a movie named “Clueless” best remembered for its fashion, apart from the witty dialogues & lovable characters.

The fashion in this movie perfectly captures the look of the mid-90s. Cher’s style is rich girl prep and she rocks patterned mini-skirts, knee high socks and platform Mary Janes throughout the film. Lots of trendy 90s accessories are also featured in the movie, including faux-fur handbags, feather-trimmed coats and unique hats.

The Television Series “Sex & the city” really added a new dimension to the fashion world as girls led by Sarah Jessica Parker explored fashion like never before. The brand continued to manifest its fashion presence by making two successful movies. The success of movies itself prove the market fashion is & the nexus it has with cinema as the movies were thrashed by critics, revered by movie lovers but still that dint stop the cash registers ringing.

If anyone has watched Vicky Christina Barcelona starring Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz, he would know the fashion in this film is a great representation of today’s modern style, but it still has a classic feel. The three different female characters brought along with them varied but impeccable taste of fashion & styling. The clothing is neutral, casual and effortless– the characters look like they just threw on their clothes, but still look flawless. Also, the film is realistic in its portrayal of reusing clothes.

Vicky and Cristina only came to Spain with one suitcase each, so all their separates are worn multiple times in different outfits throughout the film. The reason this movie has been mentioned so specifically over the more popular ones mentioned in the later in the article is because of the fact that is needs to be appreciated for the essence of fashion displayed in the movie. I would term the movie "Playback of the contemporary fashion" since there has never been a movie displaying fashion without making a fuss about it.

These are just some of the innumerable illustrious examples of the movie world influencing the world of fashion. Today box office smash hits such as The Devils wears Prada, Confessions of a shopaholic, Coco “Avant” Chanel & TV series Gossip Girls, are just some influencing our high street stores . . The celluloid has been a major player in fashion & will continue to major player in the fashion worlds.