Lesjöfors AB

An alert centenarian that continues to develop the spring industry

News   •   Nov 07, 2016 15:26 GMT

For 100 years, Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder has been in the forefront and strongly influenced the development of the spring industry. The company pioneered the market with a wide range of standard products and was also the first to provide 3D CAD spring models.

Below is a brief summary of some important milestones in Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder´s history.

1916 - The company was founded in the middle of the First World War by Bernhard and Nathalia Wahl. Operations are located to Birger Jarlsgatan 100 and manufacturing is mainly completely manual.

1945 - The company moves to Tulegatan 15. The couple Wahl runs the business until 1957, when Egil Winther Andersen acquires the company. He thereby becomes a competitor of his former employer Lesjöfors.

1960 - Göran Andersen begins his career at Stockholms Fjäder and four years later, at the age of 19, he is appointed CEO. Major customers include ASEA, Atlas Copco, Be-Ge and Stille Werner. Investments are made in new machinery, e.g. the coiling machine Bobbio and a double grinding machine from Karl Hack.

1972 - Stockholm Fjäder provides a standard spring program as the first company in the industry, in contrast to earlier when each order is custom executed. This marks a new era for the company, which will become very successful and also guiding for other companies that later will establish similar spring concepts.

1976 - The compansy moves to brand new premises in the Stockolm suburb Vällingby.

1980s - A standard program for gas springs is introduced in cooperation with a German gas spring manufacturer. Disc springs are included in the product range and a long-term partnership with another German spring producer begins. 1982 a small manufacturing plant is started in Nordmarkshyttan in Värmland, which later grows when a new type of universal automatic coiling machine is taken into use for the production of advanced springs and wire forms.

1990s - Stockholms Fjäder expands their assortment further and the product range now includes about 10 000 articles. The company in Vällingby begins stocking highly resistant and heatproof materials, so-called super alloys, which are used in the offshore industry.

2000s - The stocking facilities for the standard range are moved to Växjö. Machinery for the production of leaf springs and disc springs are expanded, which are product groups that now make up a large share of production. In 2010, Mårten Glas is appointed new CEO after Göran Andersen's 45 years in the company.

In 2015 the first digital product catalogue is released which gives the customer a better opportunity to quickly find the right spring, see stock levels, download the CAD file and also order the spring.