An Even Hotter HTC One X To Arrive in September

News   •   Jul 26, 2012 13:00 BST

The HTC One X is a fine specimen of a smartphone but it’s often pushed out of the way from the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and now S3) and the iPhone 4S. That’s a shame because in many instances the HTC One X is equal to or better than both put together. The reason being is its newer than those big sellers and the firm has had time to see what the competition are pumping out and go one better. It’s stylish, powerful and has a quad-core processor. As you can see, the iPhone 5 has some work to do just to bring it up to scratch!

The quad-core Tegra 3 processor allows it to do a myriad of tasks at the same time. Now, you may argue that you only do one thing at a time, but this includes logging onto the Internet with 3G or WiFi, texting or calling your friends, using Google Search or Maps and the phone is constantly adjusting itself so it provides the best user-experience possible. With the quad-core, it shuffles the power around so that there is no dragging, no loss in power and no boringly long waiting times. That is something to pay for, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The new HTC One X, which is being dubbed the HTC One X+ or Plus, will be getting a boost in power. It will take the Tegra 3 chip and essentially ‘clock’ it to run faster. That means the 1.7GHz processor will most likely tip over the 2GHz range and it will speed up what is already a lightning quick smartphone. TheNvidia ULP Gefore GPU will also be around 25% faster.

So, if you’re a smartphone user and feel that near-laptop speeds isn’t enough and you want more, then the HTC One X Plus might be the one for you. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note, Nexus, and the iPhone 5 will usually suffice for most people but there are those geeks that love to push their smartphone to the nth degree. However, in saying that, most people hate and absolutely despise the fact that they have to wait for anything. Downloading an app, uploading images and videos etc should be quick nowadays, surely? Well, for most people it’s a pain in the neck and it takes way too long.

With the HTC One X Plus you will be able to push the boundaries of the phone and it won’t crumble like some phones. You will also be able to say you’ve got the souped-up  version of the company’s latest phone. If you can quash your Apple or Samsung love affair then take a look around as there are other smartphones on the market than are well worth a look.

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