An Otterbox case for Nokia Lumia 920 or not?

News   •   Dec 16, 2012 07:30 GMT

Through the years, smartphone case has been a part of the mobile world.  Whatever handset you’re using, it is a common thing to accessorize it with a case.  Its use is not only to accentuate it with different styles and colours but it also serves as a protection to your precious handsets.  Now that smartphones had evolved over the time, mobile devices had become significantly thin and light and so more people are patronizing mobile case products.  Having said that, Otterbox released its new designed cases for Nokia Lumia 920.

Known for its hard and jagged but cool cases, Otterbox products are made for different smartphones and now, they made two unique models for the Nokia Lumia 920. Two cases were named the Defender Series and the Commuter Series both of which are uniquely made to protect the sleek handset.  Made from a hard polycarbonate case with a built-in screen membrane, the Defender Series has the perfect way of protecting the screen display from all scratch and smudge.  The silicon coating at the back gives the right protection to the mobile device as a whole; it includes a holster if there is a need for adjustment. The case has the amount of $49.95.  The Commuter Series however is the inexpensive model version of Otterbox for the Nokia Lumia 920.  It contains two coatings of silicon and polycarbonate that were mixed together, giving out a slimmer look but with a tough protection as well amounting to $34.95.

Talks if not debates are circling around about putting a case in your smartphones.  Some says it is a must-use for protection, but others think that a mobile device like Nokia Lumia 920 is tough enough and is perfectly designed to withstand an accident fall.  There are even videos and ads how Nokia Lumia 920 survived when it was dropped from such a great height. It all boils down to the person using it. For some people, they choose to have a better grip to their mobile devices which opted them to have a smartphone case that are thicker and with a little bulk, in a way, it gives them a level of security or protection to their costly handset. Many people on the other hand would like to have a thin but stylish case for their mobile devices, just like the Otterbox’s Commuter Series, it is not just slim but has a good quality especially when it comes to protection. 

Whilst for some, they want to enjoy their smartphone without a need for a case, because if you do put it in a case, it’s like buying something beautiful and stylish and hiding it in a bubble cover.  You will not enjoy the physical style of the handset, right?  As for Nokia Lumia 920, many believe that the mobile device is designed with a hard shell, strong enough to endure accident fall, slipping out of grips or scratches but sleek enough to flaunt it. 

To all the Nokia Lumia 920 deals fans out there, would you enjoy your nude smartphone?  Or are you more of a person who thinks smartphones are investment that need protection and patronizes Otterbox case?