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An Overview Of Mozilla Firefox For The Samsung Galaxy S3

News   •   Jul 02, 2012 07:17 BST

For mobile internet browsing there is no better model than the superb Samsung Galaxy S3, the successor to the best selling Galaxy S2 handset. This model offers some specification that makes it perfect for internet use including a large display and a very fast quad core processor. The browser used by the phone is an important aspect in this area and the new updated Mozilla Firefox software is one of the very best we have seen. We see what this new version of the popular browser has to offer.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular desktop web browsers in the world and this new mobile version for the Samsung Galaxy S3 come very close to delivering a similar experience on a mobile device. The software has always included an attractive interface and this version is no different with a very minimal home screen offering some neat shortcuts to users. On the main screen a series of thumbnails allow quick access to sites that are most frequently visited while the the browser also stores information of closed tabs and other browsing history. A number of pages require information such as passwords to be input and the new Awesome Screen feature on this software transfers such information from desktop versions of Mozilla. Along with passwords other items such as bookmarks and history are also catered for meaning that this mobile software offers functionality very similar to what you expect from a laptop or PC version. This is also helped by the inclusion of Flash support, an item lacking on many mobile browsers. This means that video files and games hosted on sites can be viewed and played on the Galaxy S3.

An area of the new Mozilla Firefox for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that we were very impressed with was the speed of the software. Mozilla state that this is the faster ever version the browser and this is evident when you use it. Web pages load in lightning fast time and other areas also benefit from this enhanced speed. When you zoom in on segments of pages the adjustment is almost instant while launching Firefox from the home screen is also very fast indeed. We found the software not only faster than previous version bit also much quicker than the browser that comes supplied with the Samsung Galaxy S3, in fact it was roughly twice as fast which is a big improvement on a piece of software which itself is very good.

The new updated version of Firefox for the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a combination of excellent features along with some very fast performance speeds. The software is the best browser that we have seen on the S3 and is a worthy download for anybody who uses the phone to visit internet sites.

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