Android ICS Gets Dragon Assist

News   •   Oct 26, 2012 07:00 BST

Dragon Assist or one of Dragon’s voice recognition software products have been used by many Android owners for a while but all of Android’s ICS customers now have Assist as an app on their phone to compete with Apple’s Siri. The new app has been very well received and is even favoured by those who aren’t completely one-sided in the Apple/Android market.

Being launched on Google Play recently the new Dragon Assist voice activation software is lightning quick and super-intuitive. It has a been widely received but even still many Android owners, such as those with clever devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 have even more to use it with. However, there are areas that Siri cannot beat the Dragon as it can pick up on your accent a little easier and ‘knows’ what you want just from general commands rather than spelling-it-out that you would have to with Siri.

It recognises your voice, even when you haven’t got it switched on. If you say, “Hello Dragon”, assuming you don’t have any friends with the same name, you can activate your phone with your voice without touching it. This means that when you’re on a long motorway journey you can wake it up, send text messages, read emails, answer calls and search on Google Maps when you’re lost without taking your hands off the wheel. In fact, when you have ‘driver mode’ turned on it will automatically read out text messages so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. However, remind your loved one that saucy texts shouldn’t be sent if you have your boss in the car with you.

There are going to be more features, thanks to the demanding Android customer, so you will be able to do more things. It means that you can take pictures with your phone so you don’t need to be missing out of photographs with your friends, and do everything else that you use your smartphone for without getting your grubby fingers on the Super AMOLED screen.

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