Android Memory Cache Problems Sorted

News   •   Oct 29, 2012 14:22 GMT

 If you’re an Android user, whether it’s an HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy SIII then you’ll have no doubt run into the problems of slow speed performances. It’s surprising as you’d think that having 1+GB RAM and super-fast processors that this wouldn’t happen, nor that you have dual or quad core CPUs, but the fact is we are so demanding of our smartphones in a way that laptops or PCs would struggle that we need some additional help when it comes to operating system speeds.

The new Super Speed Android app is supposed to bring your Android phone up to speed by caching the memory space so when you ask everything of it, the phone will automatically dump the cache so there is more to play with. This is ideal as is a small app at only 1.5MB and it enhances the speed and performance of your Android phone. If you’re wondering what smartphone to buy and Androids are on your list, then even slower phones compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X will be able to run the app to help out. You might be a power-hungry user and one that works devices to the max, so this could be the ideal app for your new smartphone.

Going from laptops or faster phones to slower ones will no doubt cause you a headache but one way to relieve the pressure is to speed up the device as fast as possible wherever you can. The optimising app will help your Android phone speed up when needed and get rid of pointless logs and data that can otherwise cause slow speeds. The memory cache is a great thing to dump now and again, but instead of doing it manually, the app recognises that you need more ‘juice’ and gives it to you.

There have been tweaks over the past few months by the Super Speed Android app developers so that it uses less power, less space and makes your Android run so much better. You’ll see that it’s a perfect addition to any Android smartphone user as it means you can run everything you want without the hassle or slowness that would have previously blighted your progress.

If you want to try it out, download it from Google Play now or if you’re looking for a new phone because yours is slow then there are no more faster than the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s the best mobile phone on the market right now. Of course, Apple fans will say the iPhone 5 is but there have been many problems and bugs that have made people angered at the device.

For months, the Samsung Galaxy SIII deals have been out and have been enticing more and more sales. More than 10 million devices were shipped in the first few months of trading and even now, 5 months after it was launched the Samsung Galaxy S3 still remains to be the best mobile phone contract that is available.