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Android Nokia Normandy photo leaks again

News   •   Jan 15, 2014 19:42 GMT

Recently, @evleaks, a Twitter account known for leaking yet to be announced mobile phones, leaked an image of what appears to be a marketing render of the rumoured Android-powered Nokia Normandy. Now, another photo of the handset has been leaked. This time, it was leaked by another Twitter account, @ViziLeaks. Click on the link provided to view the photo.

@ViziLeaks tweeted, “and the waiting game begins...” Under the tweet was the photo of the rumoured Normandy. Sadly, the Twitter account failed to mention more details about the handset.

PhoneArena, however, notes, “If Nokia goes through with it at all, it will likely be just an Asha 1045 phone, announced around March 25, according to the latest rumors, but with one very important difference - it has been conceived with forked Android instead of the usual Asha line interface.”

Nokia has neither confirmed nor has it denied plans of launching the device nor has it confirmed the Normandy’s existence. So treat this like just any other rumour for now. We’ll know by March if the rumours are true.

Would you be interested in getting your hands on the Android Nokia Normandy? Drop a comment below.