Android Pips iPhone in Sales

News   •   Aug 22, 2012 07:00 BST

With many people thinking that iPhones are the most popular smartphones out there the Samsung Galaxy SIII put an end to that, but now we hear reports that the Android phones are outselling iOS smartphones by 4-to-1. It’s not surprising really when iOS is only available on one smartphone and yet Android operating systems are found on a myriad of phones, manufacturers and tablets. Q2 has been an incredible sector for Google, which owns Android, upping its market share to 68% compared to 21% this time last year.

The figures are bolstered from the Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII, which have been selling at least 5 million units every month. Even the new Galaxy SIII has continued the sales pattern of the year-old SII, which has all but pushed Apple’s figures out of the way. However, as Apple fans will tell you the single-unit from the firm has a fantastic grip on the global market compared to the never-ending amount of Galaxy units that are out there.

Last year, Apple was out-sold by 2.5:1 but now at 4:1 it shows the popularity of the Android phones has increased which could well be related to the upgrades in the operating system to that which is very similar to iOS5. The rumours that it is copied far too closely will no doubt pop up in yet another court battle between Google and Apple Inc, but with the focus still on trying to pip each other it seems the Android lot aren’t phased by the court appearances. Apple really needs to shorten the time it takes to build and deliver its new phones to claw back some market share, but it does tend to make big changes rather than many smaller ones that Samsung and Android makes.

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 we’ll see some features that no other phone has – remember Siri from last year’s iPhone 4S? – and this will cement the Apple fans to the firm for yet another few years. Despite the Android fan club snapping up the deals and phones from different manufacturers and not just Samsung, it does seem that Apple needs to act quickly for the end of the 2012 and the last two quarters of the year to continue growing. If the firm is too slow to deliver the goods then we could see a shift from iPhones to Galaxy phones or HTC or the new LG phones which would be devastating for Apple.

With the latest news that iOS6 will not have YouTube it seems this could either lock the Apple owners in or push them away. The firm has to be careful in the next few year and the only real way to do so is to push the iPhone 4S deals and iPhone 5 deals so that people sign up for another 18 month contract and then release the iPhone 6 at the end of that term. But, as ever, we will have to wait and see.