Android to be Used on Nintendo Wii U

News   •   May 28, 2012 09:00 BST

While games consoles are a different market altogether compared to the smartphone world we’re normally focused on here at Mobile Phone Checker, there was one piece of startling news about the new Nintendo Wii U handheld games console as it might use an Android operating system. The funky new handheld Wii is set to take on the likes of the Sony PSP and other handheld units but will be a little cooler, a little more technical and obviously needs an operating system which hints at how powerful it will be.

As Android’s operating system is simply sublime, it’s quick and easy to use as well as having years of development and upgrades, it’s hard to ignore it from a manufacturer’s point of view such as Nintendo’s. There are a few gaming consoles that look set to be released over the next 12 months but the Wii U is first to announce that it needs an operating system to run it. This means that Google Play can be accessed and games can be bought and downloaded directly onto the machine, so it’s a smart move from Google and Nintendo.

As tablets and smartphones are a little limiting for gaming, the new Wii U will be a handing change from the smaller screens we’ve been seeing. The games, as ever, will be able to run previous games and apps from previous generations. This is something of a Nintendo trait and it makes for much more varied usage. It also means that there will be the option to download books, social apps and movies so it will be an interactive gaming device.

It does cause problems for game developers and app developers that are battling to try and make their games work on smartphone’s tiny screens but now the Wii U will draw a new crowd of customers that will want the usual amazing games that Nintendo is known for. It’s being hailed as a console/hybrid and we’re bound to see more technologies welded together to capture different areas of the marketplace. It does beg the question that smartphones being mainly phones might be no longer. There are tablets that are a cross between a laptop and a smartphone and now a games console plus an interactive media player. Although the Xperia Play and PlayStation phone didn’t really capture much of the market, it might not have been time yet, but as Nintendo hardly ever creates a flop product the time could well be now.

As you can see from the Mobile Phone Checker website there are many free gifts available when you take out a new mobile phone contract. This is fantastic news as you can bag yourself a new HDTV, laptop or even a Nintendo Wii. There is still hope that you might be able to trim your gadgets down and have a games console that is also a smartphone in the form of a Nintendo Wii U, but we’ll just have to wait and see as it’s not released for a while yet!