Android to Release 4.2 Version With Stunning Changes

News   •   Oct 09, 2012 07:00 BST

The Android operating system is seen on a variety of different smartphones, millions in fact, and it’s no wonder that Google brings out a new version so often. The upgrades aren’t available for every Android phone it’s only really the top of the range ones that have the technology and power to be able to run it. That means that there is the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note, in other words. The new Android 4.2 update is still classed as the Ice Cream Sandwich version but it surpasses the recently released Jelly Bean 4.1.

Its name hasn’t been released yet but it’s certain to be something fun and enticing, similar to the previous ones. The flagship models from smartphone companies will most likely receive the updates. The new Nexus model from LG will also be included in the line-up. The Customisation Centre will be the latest upgrade and means that you can tweak your version of the 4.2 update to your liking. This is obviously an answer to Nokia’s Window Phones whereby users can change the ‘tiles’ on the phone so that it’s more in-tune with the user rather than an across the board for any user.

What the Customisation Centre means is that you will be able to change the launchers, language packs, backgrounds and ringtones. However, the sceptics would say you can already do this with pretty much any mobile phone and have been able to since the 90s. Nexus handsets will run the new operating system straight from the box with no need to download and install yourself. As Google is trying to push more of their own devices, it seems that the firm wants to give its own handsets and tablets the best chance in the market.

As an overlay for Android phones the 4.2 upgrade will be available from the Google Play Store. It will be available at a later date for lesser phones, too. The new Project Butter on Jelly Bean is now called Project Roadrunner which means the UI won’t drain battery life as quickly as before. It’s not sure exactly what savings to battery life are made but anything is better than having to carry your phone charger around with you.

Notification Integration is also upgraded so you are more easily notified for Twitter updates and Facebook updates you should be interested in. It can also be linked to your Google + account so you can keep up to date with news, friends and what’s going on in your Circles. Personalised search is also enhanced so you will get more search results that are more relevant to your needs.

The new Nexus will be launched this month and the Android upgrade will be available too for other Android users. So, if you’re looking for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals or you fancy an HTC One X Android phone then check out Mobile Phone Checker’s mobile phone contract comparison site and snap up a great bargain.