Annoying iOS 7 Beta 4 Problems

News   •   Aug 03, 2013 07:10 BST

After updating your iPhone from iOS beta 3 to iOS 7 beta 4, it has become apparent that WiFi signal has weakened . The delay in connecting to the internet through a wireless connection has aggravated in the latest software update.

There have been many changes in the updated iOS 7 beta 4. The slide lock key looks better and has a sleeker design. The lock screen has a new flat but crisp icon; it is now animated so users can clearly notice that lock screen button. The layout in the Control and Notification Center tab dramatically changed. Users now have the option to see these in the new bar icons.

In the Notification Centre, iPhone users can view the Missed, All and Today notifications by swiping left and right onto the screen. But the greatest update we see on the iOS 7 beta 4 is its call function. The apps, answer, decline, end, and message buttons have pastel hues and looks flat instead of 3D shading in the last version.

There were good changes in the layout of the OS, yet it won't compensate for the signal strength when connecting to WiFi. As apple developers update the iOS for iPhone, drops in WiFi signal increase. When beta 3 was release, the signal slightly weakened. And now, in beta 4, the signal got a lot worse.

Asking one of the software developer if ever they have noticed the WiFi signal weakening on the latest iOS beta. After installing beta 4 and checking the results, many developers experienced the same issue. Here's what they said:

"In the last version, our iPhone still detects the WiFi signal from the office up to a good distance. With the latest beta, my WiFi signal disappears just as I walked out of the door of my office. I tested it at home, to be sure. At home, my iPhone can still detect the WiFi inside the house down the end of our back garden (150 feet distance). Now, the signal disappears whenever I walk around our patio table (50 feet distance) from the WiFi router."

We have my hopes ups that the next version, iOS 7 beta 5, will be publicly released sooner. We shall eagerly wait for this to happen.

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