Another Smartphone of the Future: Apple iPhone 6

News   •   Feb 24, 2013 07:00 GMT

Apple has been known to release different iPhone versions that have great and user friendly features. Rumours are now circulating that they will be upgrading their current model with the Apple iPhone 6. People are already looking forward to the release of this new smartphone; they are excited to learn about its specifications, features and design. Its rumoured design is one of the most awaited iPhone 6 features.  One rumour about this iPhone version is that it will have a curved screen. It was concluded when Apple talked to G-tech and Fuji Crystal, when they ask for an equipment for curved glass polisher. They are rumoured to have purchased a glass cutting machines too.

This smartphone will be lighter and thinner as this will be made of single metal piece. iPhone 6 body will include an extraordinary curvy and modern design with its sides rounded and a curved bottom though this cruved design is said to appear in the iPhone 5 but it remains a rumour.

iPhone 6 is said to have a Poly Silicon Liquid Crystal Display and will introduce technological advancements and newer features than the recently released iPhones, it is expected to feature the p-SI LCD. Apple will be using less battery power when compared to other smartphones that uses LCD technologies. The Apple iPhone6 is said to have a big screen, 4.8 inch unlike the iPhone 4s which has 3.5 screen. This smartphone is a little taller than the previous releases. It will also boast of its own Operating sytem, the iOS though iPhone 4 and 5 uses this kind of OS, expect the latest version to have a more advanced iOS features. It will also have a 12mp camera to give their clients a clearer and crisp picture. For its processor, Apple will be using A6 processor; other competitors used cortex quad dual core processor that runs on 1GB MB, Apple will have a RAM of 2GB.

Another possibility that iPhone 6 will have as a feature is its built in projector which will enable users to show video or images. This is again, a rumour which still needs to be confirmed by Apple.

With all these speculations, Apple has not yet announce when this smartphone will be released. Again, there are talks that iPhone’s 6 will be introduced in 2014. Apple does not announce their product’s release date before their launch. All that the Apple iPhone lovers can do is to just wait and see when this will be introduced for them to see if all these rumoured features are true.

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